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Brenda Espinoza

SSFW Affiliate

Brenda Patton is the Program Director of Policy for Blue Zones Project Fort Worth, a well-being initiative under the umbrella of North Texas Healthy Communities, a nonprofit outreach arm of Texas Health Resources that facilitates community well-being improvement initiatives. She is charged with improving Fort Worth’s well-being by advancing policies that relate to the built environment and healthy food access. Under her direction, Blue Zones Project launched Double Up Food Bucks in Fort Worth, bringing an innovative 2-for-1 nutrition incentive program to three local grocery stores and a farmers market. She also spearheaded the first culled produce project at two local grocery stores, which diverts wasted food from landfills to urban farms and food pantries. She strongly believes that creating a healthy, equitable and resilient community means fostering an environment where healthy options are readily available and affordable for all residents. Her passion for health equity is personal, deeply rooted in familial experiences and fueled by curiosity.


Brenda is actively involved in the Fort Worth community through such organizations as CoACT, Healthy Tarrant County Collaboration and Southside Community Garden. She holds a degree in Political Science from Texas Christian University, with an emphasis in International Relations. She is a native Spanish speaker, born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. Brenda is an advocate for pet rescue and supports all things local.

Brenda Espinoza
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